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So much on offer in Highbridge

Engage Somerset Pluss Video 12 July 2022
Josh, Ross and Claire

When the Pluss Engage Somerset project was launched in January, 2022, it was planned to last for six months. However, it’s proved to be such a success that it’s been given a three month extension.

Engage Somerset delivers support and advice to anyone who is out of work and living in Glastonbury, Chard or Highbridge.

On Friday 8th July, the Highbridge team held a Wellbeing Network event at Churchfield School. We went along to find out more about the project, what’s already been achieved and to ask what will happen when it draws to a close in September.

And once you’ve watched the video, you can find out much more about the project, and link to Josh and Claire’s Facebook pages, using the links at the bottom of this page.

Claire, Josh and Lisa

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