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A clean sweep for Pluss participants

Health Works for Cornwall Pluss 01 June 2022

Pluss offers support to people with a variety of different needs and requirements.

The Pluss Health Works for Cornwall team, responsible for delivering some of that support, has recently enlisted some of its participants with learning difficulties to help with some clearing up of the local environment.

They are practicing outdoor working and soft skills within teams.

They joined the Cormac Make Space for Nature Opportunities group and have now completed two sessions.

As well as helping to keep their little bit of the country clean and tidy, they are also developing communication, teamworking and problem solving skills.

The sessions have been very positive, and even participants that had no real interest in outdoor working have developed a desire to work with Cormac.

Emily is a Specialist Change Coach with Health Works for Cornwall and she was delighted with the results: ” The Cormac rangers have been fantastic with our participants and ignited a passion for careers they had previously not outlined as an interest”.

You can see some of the great work they’ve done in the photo gallery below.

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