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Andrew's story: "Forever grateful"

Pluss Positive People - Cornwall 10 January 2022
I would just like to say a huge thanks to the team at Pentreath who, over the past nine months, have helped me back from the brink. I am now feeling so much better and, after10 years out of work, I started a new job last week. Forever grateful!

There’s nothing more rewarding than receiving positive feedback from people we’ve helped and hearing about their onward journey.

Here, in his own words, Andrew explains why Positive People Cornwall along with one of our partners, Cornish charity, Pentreath (which promotes good mental health through personal development, education and employment) made such a difference to his life:

Start quoteSeveral months ago I started working with Pentreath to help overcome issues that were preventing me from leading a normal life.

These issues, which revolve around my anxiety and panic disorder whenever I left the house, were preventing me from moving forward in my life and were the bane of existence.

That was until I started working with Pentreath and they put me in touch with an advisor called Eliza who, over the next few months, would be working hard with me to find a way to circumvent this ongoing problem.

Eliza was incredibly courteous over the time we worked together and was very understanding of what I was dealing with and never forced me to do something I wasn’t capable of.

We worked together to develop an understanding of what the triggers were and then we worked on a plan on how to go about preventing them. As we worked though these coping strategies, I noticed I became less anxious about issues I was facing by going outside.

Eliza was really productive and would offer help in other forms; including asking me to take part in a Skype session with Lara (Pentreath’s Health and Wellbeing Coach).

While initially apprehensive, I found the course incredibly informative, and Lara was a joy to talk with.

She made me feel at ease from the get-go. She offered a mountain of useful thinking skills, including Mindfulness, that I can employ in helping me deal with my issues and the session was an incredible experience.

Since working with Eliza I been able to go out a lot more and have a much more optimism moving forward.

I continue to work with Pentreath, and I have been doing an online course, on the suggestion of Eliza, that will help build my skills for the future.

End quoteI couldn’t be happier with the way things have unfolded these last few months and thanks to Eliza, Lara and the team at Pentreath I can move forward without barriers.

Thank you, Andrew, we wish you continued success in all you do.

If you would like to find out more about Pentreath, visit: and for more details about the Pluss Positive People programme, visit: our Positive People pages.