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Battling On: Military veterans helping military veterans

Pluss Positive People Video 23 June 2022
Battling On

Active Plus is a Pluss’ Positive People partner organisation. It utilises the skills, knowledge, attitude and experience of wounded, injured, sick and retired armed forces personnel to deliver group and 1-2-1 support and activities to individuals, groups and businesses.

Its aim is to inspire change, build confidence, increase motivation and unlock potential.

In the 11 years since its formation, Active Plus has supported over 7,000 people and more than 350 military veterans.

The unique thing about Active Plus is that the change being achieved is as much about helping the veterans as it is the user. By offering paid employment, the veterans regain a sense of purpose, rediscover themselves and feel ready to transition to mainstream employment, education or training.

And now, Active Plus is running a project for other armed forces veterans too. Battling On is delivered TO veterans BY veterans and we’ve been along to find out more…

Battling On - Steve

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