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Come join us to 'Feel Good' in the West of England

Pluss 29 June 2021

In partnership with West of England Combined Authority (WECA) and Great Western Railway (GWR), Seetec Pluss presents, the ‘Work, Wellbeing and Feeling Good Event – West of England’.

This virtual employability, health and wellbeing event is officially part of the Mayor of WECA, Dan Norris’, Jobs and Skills Summit 2021.

Join us live on CHAOS TV or on our FACEBOOK page.
The West of England has a variety of organisations who are actively helping individuals work towards achieving their career goals. Weather you are long-term unemployed, on furlough and unsure about returning to work or looking to enter the job market for the first time, help and advice within your local area can be found.

In our packed three-hour event, you’ll:

  • Hear from new the WECA Mayor Dan Norris about his Jobs & Skills Summit.
  • Join Bristol’s Deputy Mayor Asher Craig, who has responsibility for Communities, Equality and Public health.
  • Hear the stories from local people about their journeys progressing towards and into work.
  • Discover what local support is available to help build skills and gain employability, with: Bristol City Council, Bath and North East Somerset Council and North Somerset Council.
  • Hear from local organisations including: West of England Centre for Inclusive Living (WECIL), Weston College, Interventions Alliance + much more.
Time Activity
12:00 – 12:10 Hear from new the WECA Mayor Dan Norris about his Jobs & Skills Summit
12:10 – 12:55 Join Bristol’s Deputy Mayor Asher Craig, Seetec Pluss staff, participants and employers in discussion about ‘inclusive employment’
12:55 – 13:05 Learn about WECIL Child and Youth services
13:05 – 13:10 Hear from a Weston College participation and how they’ve been helped Charlotte turn her life around
13:10 – 13:25 Learn about the support the Prince’s Trust offers during Covid and for young entrepreneurs
13:25 – 13:40 Find out how the new Interventions Alliance Hubs in Bristol will help the community
13:40 – 13:55 Discover the help available with local councils in the West of England
13:55 – 14:10 Hear Helen’s story about how Pluss has helped her with a holistic health and wellbeing approach
14:10 – 14:25 Learn about the help available for young people with Off the Record BANES
14:25 – 14:40 Find out about the support available with Bristol City Council
14:40 – 14:50 Discover community
14:50 – 15:00 Event close