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I’m so grateful I was referred to Pluss...

Pluss 02 September 2021

Pluss Mental Health Services participant, Chris had begun to struggle with all aspects of this work and personal life last year. Chris warmly shares his personal story and experience of working with Pluss, written in his own words.

“I’m so grateful I was referred to Pluss when I began to struggle last year.

My lovely Support Advisers at Pluss for which I’ve been privileged to work with (Kat and Holly) have been simply amazing, knowledgeable, supportive, patient, understanding, insightful and above all, kind and compassionate. Thanks to their help I am slowly (but surely, I feel) re-integrating and re-connecting back into society (with them overseeing my journey so it’s not too overwhelming and that I’m not on my own in doing all this), whilst also building on my self-esteem and confidence through them too.

Whilst the road ahead may be long, the relevant support, employment advice, signposting, help from (my Support Advisers at) Pluss and having a friendly listening ear, has made all the difference to me in my life, and in collaboration with other relevant NHS services, Pluss offers a winning formula I feel in giving purpose and hope for the future in whatever I end up doing.

The opportunities, activities, and tasks I’ve been set has started to give me structure once more to my life and whilst my journey is still in its infancy, I feel I am getting there. The Peer support walks have been amazing and so important and positive and meeting people in similar situations (and that I am not alone in my situation) has really helped me and having that social connection too. The understanding, advice, and empathy from the advisers on the walks has been amazing and it’s been a great chance to escape from my own thoughts and head and to ‘blow the cobwebs away’ whilst taking in the lovely local scenery that we are all so lucky to enjoy on our doorsteps.

As the old saying goes; “you can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink”, If I am that ‘horse’, Pluss have lead me to that water and given me the confidence, help and support to be able to drink it.