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Lynette’s story: “Hopeful Families made me believe in myself”

Pluss Positive People Positive People - West Yorkshire 20 October 2021

Lynette is training to become a teaching assistant. Until recently, she was looking after her youngest daughter. Now her daughter has started school the time was right to think about her own future. Unfortunately, her daughter has regular and ongoing medical needs, so Lynette must find a role she can fit around her daughter’s needs.

Before coming to Hopeful Families, Lynette who is in her mid-thirties and lives in the Huddersfield area, was finding it challenging working through assignments for a course she was doing. Lynette was not able to afford a laptop, which meant hand-writing her course-work and taking photos of it to send to the course tutor.

Lynette recounted: “This took quite a bit of time, and I nearly gave up.”


Support from Hopeful Families

A family mentor called Angela was paired with Lynette. They sat down and discussed Lynette’s circumstances, what her goals were and identified what was holding her back. This led to Angela signposting Lynette to a course called, ‘Supporting in Schools’ for people who want to become teaching assistants. Angela also arranged for Lynette to have a laptop computer.

Lynette added: “This had a massive impact on my work and being able to express myself more in assignments. It was so lovely to have a spell-checker and being able to upload assignments direct.”

Hopeful Families help people in all sorts of different ways. Dedicated, specially trained staff listen to what challenges someone is experiencing, and they try to find a way to solve some of those areas that are either causing stress or holding someone back.

“Hopeful Families made me believe in myself and that anything is achievable if you put your mind to it”, said Lynette.

“My self-confidence has grown, especially to start and complete a level two, ‘Supporting in Schools’ course, which I’ve recently been told I’d passed. I’m really proud of that achievement and now I’m starting a follow-on, SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) course.

“Through the online course, I’ve made some new friends and we support each other and we’re even planning to meet up for a coffee.”

Lynette concluded by saying: “I wouldn’t have been in such a good place as I am now if it hadn’t been for Angela supporting and signposting me. I’m more than grateful.

“For my children to know they can get to where they want to be in life as long as they believe in themselves is so important and I want to be a good role model to them.”


Hopeful Families comment

Jo Hannar, Hopeful Families manager said: “Lynette’s future is looking more positive and a relatively small amount of Hopeful Families support, has made a very big difference to Lynette’s ability to move forward with her life.

“This is exactly what Hopeful Families is all about. Sometimes, all people need is a helping hand, a nudge in the right direction and some confidence boosting words of encouragement. A relatively small amount of financial assistance that solves a problem and helps someone to get on with their life is just one of the ways that the Building Better Opportunities fund is helping dozens of families across West Yorkshire.”

Lynette is now actively looking for a suitable teaching assistant role. Everyone involved with Hopeful Families is delighted with Lynette’s progress and is proud of how far she has come. We wish her and her family the very best of luck in the future.


If you would like to know how the Hopeful Families programme can help you, call us on 07341 004 949 for a friendly, confidential chat, or email