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Meet the team - Sam, community coach, Cornwall

Health Works for Cornwall Pluss 30 November 2021

Welcome to an occasional series of ‘Meet the Team’ where you get to meet some of the amazing people who work at Pluss. This time, it’s the turn of Sam, who is a community coach with the Health Works for Cornwall team, based in Cornwall.

1)  What’s your job and where you are based?
I am a Community Coach for the Pluss Health Works for Cornwall provision, based in Bugle.

2)  Tell us about your role and what you love about it?
My Role is getting out and about in the community and meeting people, promoting what we do and networking to build relations with some amazing organisations. The best part is getting hands-on with participants in various ways including whittling, crafting, macrame and anything else our participants want to try. I love that we are wellbeing focused and listen to our participants, we recognise their strengths and weaknesses based on the individual not tick boxes.

3)  What was your first or most interesting job?
I have done various jobs over the years. My favourite was in a bakery (I just love quiche and cake, lol ) but this has to be the most interesting by far. No two days are ever the same, plus it gives me good vibes knowing I am helping others.

4)  Favourite thing to do after work?
I love walking, running and relaxing with my family and making things, particularly with wood and upcycled materials.

5)  What advice would you give to someone who is looking for work at the moment?
Don’t give up, contact us and I guarantee we can support you, to follow your dream. I never thought I would get this opportunity to do a job I love, a job that actually makes a difference, but here I am smashing it.

6)  Favourite food, film and place?
Favourite food is cake, chocolate, or steak.
Favourite film, defo Legally Blonde or Bad Mums.
Favourite place is the beach, preferably with a cocktail.

7)  Describe something interesting about yourself
I am an avid fundraiser and love crazy challenges, such as 3000 squats a month or cycling 300 miles in a month. I’m currently training for my next one, which is a festive 5k run.

I am currently at just over £5000 for various challenges and charities and I’m determined to raise £10,000!

8)  Something that you’re proud of this month
Starting my new job and holding out this long and not putting my Christmas tree up yet.


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