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Organised Chaos: Meet Claire

Pluss Positive People Positive People - Cornwall 08 March 2022
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What connects a radio station, a farm, a TV studio, a food hub and a hair salon? The answer is they are all part of the offering from Pluss’ Positive People partner; “CHAOS”.

Claire is our Marketing & Communications Coordinator based at CHAOS and she took some time out of her busy day to show us around and introduce us to some of the people who ensure CHAOS is anything but chaotic.

Take a browse through the photo gallery and then scroll down to find out more about Claire and her role with Pluss.

After Claire had taken us on a guided tour, we asked her to tell us a bit more about working alongside the CHAOS team:

What does your job entail?

Claire in the Chaos TV studioI’ve been employed by Pluss, as a Marketing & Communications Coordinator since September 2021. My role differs slightly from my colleagues on the marketing team, as I’m based with The CHAOS Group, an amazing partner organisation of Pluss, based in Truro within the Chaos Digital Team.

I produce content for Pluss, and for other employability provisions such as JETS and RESTART, who use CHAOS TV as a platform for features and on-line streaming events.

I find contributors for interviews, produce scripts for broadcasts, and organise live streaming events.

Tell us more about the various parts of Chaos:

CHAOS stands for Community Helping All Of Society” and that is certainly what it does – in bucket loads! There are several strands including a food hub, a registered care farm, a hairdressers, a care agency and a community radio and TV channel. CHAOS is also contracted to deliver The Pluss’ Positive People project.

“Stay At Home Cornwall” is where it all began for CHAOS, providing domiciliary care to all ages across mid-Cornwall, to enable individuals to receive support within their own home.

It’s been a real eye-opener to see the amount of food-waste supermarkets dispose of, and the CHAOS food hub has provided a lifeline for local people who are struggling to make ends meet.

That was really heightened during lockdown. As quick as the food comes into CHAOS, it is swiftly re-boxed by volunteers, and delivered to community larders for people to pick up.

The CHAOS farm is a registered care farm which works with a variety of individuals and groups within the community. They also deliver specialist Equine Assisted Learning and Farm Placement days.

“Iconic” is CHAOS’ very own hairdressing and beauty salon right next door, which operates as a regular salon but also supports the community like providing haircuts free of charge to homeless people and for anyone who might need a haircut before a job interview.

CHAOS TV & radio was born out of the pandemic and continues to broadcast online every day with a range of specialist radio shows as well as a TV channel, providing community interest content.

During the pandemic Pluss started to use the CHAOS TV channel as a means of getting information out, and the partnership continues with regular features and for hosting hybrid events out in the community, with the advantage of being able to stream these events online, so reaching an even bigger audience.

Where does Pluss’ Positive People fit in to the equation?

Lyndsey, Lou, Kylie and Jess deliver the Positive People Cornwall project at CHAOS and they help participants make positive changes. Participants can sign up to the HOPE programme which helps people discover new strengths and boost their self-confidence. These workshops empower people to manage their health and wellbeing.

And the founder of CHAOS has been awarded an honour for her work?

Yes, Babs Rounsevell formed CHAOS in 2014 and was recently awarded an MBE in the New Years Honours for her services to the community in Cornwall – which, by the way, spans over 40 years!

She’s an inspirational lady who is committed to her charity work and it’s so lovely to know she’s been recognised for her hard work. We all hope this honour will open up more opportunities for CHAOS in the future, which I’m sure it certainly will.

How did you end up in this role?

I’ve worked in various roles over the years. I grew up in the Highlands of Scotland and moved to London where I worked as a temp in the city.  It was a great learning curve and I even ended up working at the Houses of Parliament for one of my assignments. Now that was an experience!

After my stint in London, I did a lot of travelling. I lived and worked in Australia for a couple of years, then travelled around India and Asia for six months.

When I returned, I found myself in Plymouth where I worked for ITV Westcountry as a Production Assistant on the daily news programme. This was a really fun job, and it sadly came to an end when ITV merged and made redundancies.

This is when I decided to return to higher education and moved to Falmouth to complete a BA Honours Degree in Television production. During my studies I was able to work for the university and I continued to work there until I started my role here.

You sound as though you really love what you do?

I think the nicest thing about this role is being part of a lovely enthusiastic team; passionate about helping people in our communities who need that that extra bit of support with their health and wellbeing, with the eventual aim of getting people back into work.

I feel very lucky to have met with some amazing inspiring people (who’ve often had their own challenges). It’s also lovely working within the CHAOS Digital Team as there’s something different going on every day.

CHAOS TV broadcasts every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10-am-3pm, so it can be quite hectic, and you never know who is going to pop their head in the door.

After working for a couple of years from home, I’m certainly enjoying the atmosphere of being back in the office with a great bunch of people!


You can find out more about the CHAOS group by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.