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Positive People's Coffee Connexions

Podcast Positive People - Devon 30 June 2022
Coffee Connexions

We’ve been along for a coffee and chat with some of the people at ‘Coffee Connexions’ – a regular wellbeing get-together organised by the Pluss’ Positive People Devon team, held at Moment’s Café in Plymouth.

It’s a chance for participants of the Positive People programme to meet face-to-face with others, and just chat about their challenges and the support they’ve been offered.

For many, this is one of the first times they will have ventured back into a social environment since the Covid pandemic.

We met up with Positive People Team Leader, Bev, Community Coaches Sue and John, and two participants; Juliet and Carroline, to find out more and ask why something, that a lot of us might take for granted, was so important to them.

Whilst the main aim is to help with health and wellbeing, for some it has turned out to be a whole lot more.

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