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Positive People at Work: Active Plus and the ‘Confidence and Motivation’ course

Pluss Positive People Positive People - Devon 14 October 2021

Active Plus is a Positive People partner. They focus on confidence, communication and opportunities, using the experience of military veterans. Offering practical activities that encourage learning, they help people re-discover their drive and focus for the future.

Gina and Michael are two recent participants of a six-session course delivered by Active Plus, each with very different backgrounds and reasons for taking part. Here’s a brief account of their experiences, told by Active Plus instructor and Positive People manager, Dave Street.


Gina’s story

“Gina completed the Confidence and Motivation Course in Plymouth. She began this course feeling very nervous and unsure what she wanted to do. Unknowingly, Gina has great leadership skills and her confidence has dramatically improved over the six sessions. Gina is on Universal Credit but is looking to find employment soon with help while on the Positive People programme. She has been assigned a change coach and they will be working together to help Gina move forward. Gina has thoroughly enjoyed the course and she is determined to succeed. She is looking for some voluntary work or any teaching assistant vacancies.”

Gina has been supported to start a level 2 counselling course, which she has started and has  left the Positive People programme.


Michael’s story

“Michael began the course with plenty of enthusiasm but was worried what he could do now due to serious health conditions. Before his stroke Michael was a window installer and was working long days under strenuous conditions. After his stroke his confidence was hit hard but by attending this Active Plus course it has changed his thoughts in a more positive manner.

“Michael has agreed to sign‐up to the Positive People programme and his change coach will be working alongside him to move forward. It’s pleasing that Michael’s confidence, motivation and team building skills have improved and he is grateful of the support that the Active Plus Team has given him throughout the six sessions. He is looking to do some kind of delivery work.”

Michael has been supported to get his driving licence back, through the DVLA, which was taken away from him after he had a stroke. It will allow him to apply for work in the driving industry, something he has not been able to do for seven years, since he had the stroke.

The sessions focus on team-building, problem solving and life skill activities, to develop communication skills, boost confidence, increase motivation and build self-esteem. The sessions include first aid, goal setting, interview techniques and an introduction to a Positive People change coach, who will go on to provide one-to-one support to help remove barriers that are holding them back from making progress in their lives.


For more information about Active Plus and opportunities to take part similar courses, visit the Active Plus Facebook page, or