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Time To Talk: Pluss Community Coach Maxi chats to Apple FM

Pluss Positive People Positive People - Somerset 26 January 2022
Pluss Change Coach Maxi Gambier

We’ve all heard the saying ‘it’s good to talk’ and – with Time To Talk Day just around the corner (Feb 3rd, 2022) – Pluss Community Coach, Maxi, took to the airwaves of Somerset Community Radio, Apple FM, to chat about her role at Positive People Somerset and some of the support on offer to our participants.

Maxi was interviewed by Apple FM’s presenter, Teresa Wort, on the Mindful Monday Show – and, like all good chats, the topic also went off in a variety of other directions, from collecting sea glass and her secret recipe for making runner bean chutney to Maxi’s favourite place to find the best ingredients for homemade sloe gin!

It’s definitely good to talk!

We’ve split the interview into two parts. Click on the following links to take a listen:

Part 1

Maxi tells Teresa about her role as a Community Coach with Pluss:


Part 2

Teresa asks Maxi about life outside of work, from collecting sea glass, mountain biking and foraging for sloe berries in the countryside:



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