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Who listens to the listeners?

Pluss Podcast 04 February 2022
Podcast: Who listens to the listeners?

We all know the saying “It’s good to talk” – but who do YOU turn to when you need a listening ear? Your best friend?  A therapist or counsellor? The family doctor?

Or perhaps you chat to the friendly publican over the bar at your ‘local’, the vicar as you leave the Sunday service, your child’s teacher at the school gates or maybe the person who cuts your hair.

A problem shared is a problem halved, they say, but who listens to the people WE turn to in our hour of need, when it’s THEIR turn to vent?

Pluss’s John Govier has been hearing from some of those people who, as part of their job, frequently find themselves lending a listening ear to others, and asks where their support comes from when they feel the need for a good old chat or a shoulder to cry on?

Meet "the listeners"

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The Teacher
Sarah Jane Tustain

Sarah Jane is the Head Teacher at Plympton St Maurice Primary School, she takes time out with her new puppy when she needs to clear her mind.

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The Vicar
David Way

Father David Way, from St Peter and The Holy Apostles in Plymouth, goes on retreat when he needs time for reflection.

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The Landlady
Shelly Jones

When the landlady of The Minerva pub, Shelly Jones, has emotional overload, she turns to her husband and, sometimes, her customers too.

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The Barber
Tom Chapman

Tom is the founder and CEO of the Lions Barber Collective. He devotes his time to listening to others, but who listens to him?

🗣  If you need someone to talk to, the links below provide details of a few of the helplines and organisations that can offer help:

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