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From full-time carer to newbie job hunter – Kevin’s story

Positive People Positive People - Somerset 22 April 2021

Kevin is 64 years old and lives in Somerset. For the last 16 years he has been a full-time carer for his parents. He is now seeking to return to paid employment.

During this time, the workplace has changed massively, particularly around everyday computer and digital skills an employee is expected to have. Kevin recognised that he needed to address this area as his number one priority.


Kevin’s mother unfortunately suffered a stroke and was severely disabled as a result, and after his mother’s death, Kevin’s father developed dementia. Subsequently, Kevin has been dedicated to looking after the needs of his parents for many years.

“At the age of 64, I found myself back in the job market and things in that time have changed dramatically.”

Kevin was put in touch with Cosmic, Pluss’ partner who offer digital skills and training to individuals to build their confidence and trust in technology.

“The help that was given to me around using computers enabled me to feel more confident in my own abilities when using work-based technology, which has changed so much.”

Facing new challenges

Kevin faced many challenges when he found himself ready to return to the job market after such a long absence. He found it daunting and he understandably lacked confidence. He also had some mental health issues to contend with, mainly due to his anxiety around his poor digital skills.

“My self-confidence was very low and I can honestly say that the course with Cosmic has helped me with all these issues. It was a huge help – I not only learnt about practical computer use, but it also helped to restore some of my lost confidence, which also helped my mental health.”

Pluss’ Positive People programme offers support to people who are not in work, to help build confidence, skills and give a sense of hope for the future.

I’m extremely grateful for the support I’ve had through Positive People. Their help has been massive. I feel that I’m now beginning to look forward with hope, not doom and gloom. I’ve still got a bit to go, but I’m getting there and this is in no small part down to everyone at Positive People.

The future

Kevin intends to keep improving and taking more advanced computer training, which will hopefully lead to paid employment. Everyone at Positive People wish Kevin all the very best in moving forwards with his life.

If you would like to know more about the Positive People programme and what sort of support could be available for you, visit or contact us by phone or email: / 0800 334 5525.