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Meet the team - Gina, community coach, North Devon

Pluss Positive People 04 October 2021

Welcome to an occasional series of ‘Meet the Team’ where you get to meet some of the amazing people who work at Pluss. This time, its the turn of Gina, who is a community coach based in North Devon.

We are very fortunate to have Gina in the team. If you’re super lucky you may get to work with her if you join the Positive People programme in Devon. Here’s a little bit of info about Gina…

1. Tell us about your role and what you love about it?
I support participants onto the Pluss’ Positive People project through interactive virtual and face-to-face engagement activities. I can be planning an Empowering Women workshop one day and the next I can be flying the flag for Pride or attending a wellbeing walk. What I love most about my role is getting to witness participant’s confidence develop and their self-belief shine through- It’s a privilege and an honour to be part of their journey.

2. What was your first or most interesting job?
One of my first jobs was in a chocolate shop! All the free chocolate you could eat, we even had some celebrity customers from time to time. I enjoyed learning to gift wrap properly, even now I can tie an absolutely epic bow!

3. Favourite thing to do after work?
After work I like to spend time with my family, including my 3-legged cat and I also enjoy walking and sea dipping, they call is ‘swimbling’ round here- the colder the better but I don’t take the cat!

4. What advice would you give to someone who is looking for work at the moment?
Believe in yourself, reach out and don’t be afraid to ask for support. Look at all you have accomplished and see your strengths, they’re maybe skills you had not even considered before. Paths can change direction and you can find your way again.

5. Favourite food, film and place?
My favourite food has to be Italian especially the puddings, Pistachio ice cream, affogato, tiramisu – the Italians sure can rock a desert!

My favourite film is Happy-Go-Lucky, directed by Mike Leigh. People say I’m a bit like the character Sally. She’s very scatty, so I’m not sure what to make of that, though I do like to smile a lot like her!

The beach is my favourite place and I’m blessed to live so close to many gorgeous beaches. I love a family day out at the seaside, come rain or shine (shine being my preferred option)!

6. Something that you’re proud of this month
We’re re-launching Empowering Women and there’s so much interest in the course, as well as starting a new wellness Wednesday project and branching out into face-to-face delivery. It’s been a busy and rewarding month.