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One story, two perspectives

Pluss Positive People 21 July 2022

Active Plus is a Community Interest Company that delivers the Positive People programme for Pluss in a very unique way.

The team uses the skills, experience and expertise of injured and retired military veterans to deliver programmes that build confidence, improve motivation, generate a sense of belonging and self worth; helping people to unlock and fulfil their potential.

Amely, one of the Active Plus change coaches, has been working with Annette (pictured above) to support her in a variety of ways.

Here’s what Annette and Amely have to say about their journey together:

Annette and I first met at the end of June ’21, and I was privileged to accompany her on her journey.

Annette had no confidence, no motivation and felt that her life had no meaning or direction. Together we identified her barriers to her short and long term goals.

We looked at ways to improve her health and sleep patterns; Annette engaged with Supasports and had regular swimming lessons and weight-training. This not only improved her health but also her resilience – and it challenged her perceptions of her own limitations. Gradually it also helped her to reduce her medication.

Annette joined the Confidence and Motivation course which she totally embraced.

We explored voluntary opportunities and training and she completed an I.T. course with Cornwall Marine Network (another of the Positive People partner organisations).

Annette now volunteers at a weekly Arts and Crafts session and organises a Pizza and Film night once a fortnight. She really embraces life now and is eager to keep moving forward.

Working with Amely has made me feel very confident that I can try new things that help me to better myself.

It’s been good exploring myself with Amely’s help which has helped me on my journey to recovery.

I’ve learned a lot about new skills – and about myself.

If anybody is thinking of joining the Pluss Positive People programme, then I think they should go for it!


If you would like to know more about the support on offer from Pluss Positive People, just click on the links below, and we could be sharing your success story very soon.

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