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Adam’s story – the Positive People difference

Pluss Positive People Positive People - Cornwall 10 August 2021

Adam’s personal account is written in his own words. Adam was a participant based in Cornwall who was supported on the Positive People programme, through Pluss partner, Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change (CN4C).


My experience being on the Cornwall Positive People (Building Better Opportunities) has been a remarkable one.

I joined them after my work coach referred me. At the time I had no qualifications and had been unemployed for two years. I had an induction with one of the Positive People coaches and during which we established what obstacles I was facing with regards to finding employment. I said that I believe that I needed to gain some qualifications, but I couldn’t afford the costs, because even though online courses are free you still have to pay for your certificates if you pass the exams.

Not only did the project offer to pay for any exams that I took, of which I got six and three of them are diplomas, I was able to choose which ever course I wanted, and I was given a new laptop with a year’s subscription of Microsoft office.

I was with the project for four months. The six qualifications that I gained gave my CV a much-needed super boost. I was offered a job last week and I am beyond thrilled that I am getting back to work, the project has also provided me with the work clothes that I need and a month’s bus pass.

I could not have got this new job without the help that the project gave me, not a chance. I am for ever grateful, thank you so much.