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Carl’s story – We Are With You

Blog Positive People - Cornwall 21 June 2021

When lockdown hit, Carl became a prisoner in his own home due to his COPD condition.

He lost his confidence and self-belief, and couldn’t see a way out. With the help of Positive People – We Are With You, he now has the qualifications and confidence he needs to get back into the construction industry.

“For the last four and a half years, I have been unemployed and stuck in a rut – just going through the motions of everyday life. It took the pandemic and lockdown restrictions to make me wake up and think that I’ve had enough of this.

“I was diagnosed with COPD and it made me want to shut myself away. When the first lockdown happened in early 2020, I became a prisoner in my own home. I was having to shield due to my COPD, I lost all of my confidence and forgot how to talk to people.

“I knew that something had to shift and change. I was referred to Work Routes to get help to move back into employment, but they struggled to help me onto a CSCS course as I had no laptop or WIFI and everything had to be online due to Covid. We spent ages going around in circles and I was losing faith in it all and whether anything would ever get better. I was then referred to the Positive People Programme for help to access the online learning I needed.

“My Positive People Change Coach Gill worked out that I didn’t need a full online CSCS course. I only needed to resit the test as my last ticket had only just expired.

“The programme has funded my CSCS resit, books for revision and a CPCS card, so that I can work on sites operating clamps and dumper trucks. I am hopeful that by having more than just the CSCS qualification, I will widen the net for jobs. It will also mean that I don’t have to start at the bottom, picking up the blocks.

Working with Gill made me feel like I can really do it, that life doesn’t end now, that I can progress comfortably without being in fear of what’s next. She has helped me to boost my confidence. She made it feel like I was talking to a friend on the phone, which made me always feel comfortable.

“I have gained my self back. It’s nice to know that someone is out there that actually gives a damn about me, no matter what my issues are. It means that I won’t be left on the shelf, unemployed and without opportunities. It has helped me to get out of a place that I was struggling to see a way out of.

“The Positive People team does a wonderful job and has worked wonders for me.”