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Shaun’s story – We Are With You

Blog Positive People - Cornwall 17 June 2021

“I was a veg delivery driver for 14 years, doing 12-hour shifts on my own, driving across Devon and Bristol. I owned my own house and lived with my partner and two young children.

“In 2018, I reached out to We Are With You because I knew I had an issue with alcohol. In 2019, I lost my driving licence due to alcohol use. Things got steadily worse and I felt I had no purpose to get up in the morning as I had no job to get up for. Relationship issues pushed me over the edge, and I ended up living in a caravan in Polzeath.

“I received support from my Recovery Worker Jenny – she was lovely and got me through all of it. I went to Boswyns rehab for a month and then Chy in June 2020. I was there for three months before spending another three months in the move-on flats. Jenny took the time to come and see me – she was fantastic. If it wasn’t for her, I would be dead.

“After I left the safety of Chy, I had a lack of confidence and a lot of fear. I had nowhere to go and no idea how to restart my life. I was referred to Positive People – We Are With You where I met my Change Coach Kirsty. I felt awkward when I first spoke to her – I’m a 46-year-old bloke and I didn’t think I needed to have someone helping me. I should already be sorted.

“Kirsty made me feel comfortable within two minutes of talking to her. She is brilliant. Everything felt comfortable, like I could say anything that I wanted to without any embarrassment. I could hear the compassion, empathy and understanding in her voice in those first few moments.


She’s helped me sign up for three college courses (Maths, English and IT), provided me with a laptop, and she always emails me with job opportunities. And thanks to her encouragement, I’ve managed to get a flat of my own. She has been my rock.

“I also worked with Health and Wellbeing Advisor Charlotte – who is equally fantastic and lovely. She has been a lifesaver. No matter what mood or situation I was in, she would help me through it. Recently I felt suicidal, and the two of them got me out of it with the things they said to me. They feel like friends that I can reach out to at any time.

“If you get the chance to work with Positive People, jump in with both feet! I can’t praise the team enough. It has been a fantastic experience. The Positive People team at With You should be so proud of the work they do and the support they give. I couldn’t put a price on it.

“I have gained a better state of mental health and confidence through their reassurance and friendship. I am now starting to make my flat a home and look forward to returning to work soon.”