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National Wildlife Week (April 5th-9th 2021)

Positive People - Devon 26 May 2021

Springtime is upon us! The time when people start to venture outside, enjoying the fresh air and watching the wildlife wake up from their winter sleep.

Not only is spring one of the most beautiful times of the year, it is also a crucial part of the planting season for a lot of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Being out in nature is probably the least digital thing you can do, however, here at Cosmic I have been researching different apps that can make your outdoor experience that little bit better/easier.


It is so difficult to get the right number of flowers or vegetables for the size of your garden. Sometimes you need to be specific about different species being together or the distance between each plant. It can become very time consuming.

This app allows you to create a grid to the exact measurements of your home gardens, enabling you to get creative and design your perfect flowerbed, shrubbery, or vegetable patch.

This app really takes this struggle away as it gives facts about each plant you are trying to grow. This helps save time and gives you realistic expectation of the difficulty of maintaining such a plant or vegetable.

Nature Finder

As a county we are very active and love to go out on walks, and who could blame us? We live in one of the most scenic parts of the Country. Sometimes creating new, unexplored routes can be hard to do and this app solves this problem quite nicely.

This app has been created by the Wildlife trust and highlights different nature reserves or trusts within each county across the UK. Not only does it help you explore these areas, but it also gives you a list of the different wildlife you could find on your journey.


Built by The Cornell Lab, this app allows you to ID birds, aiding in ongoing scientific studies. If you decide not to ID the birds you spot, you can always use the ‘explore’ section to show you what birds you may see out on your walks.

As the app is done by geographical location, it only shows you a list of birds if you are likely to see them out on your travels. Once you spot one, you can click on the picture which then highlights some fascinating facts about the breed.

Be aware that this app does take up a lot of space on your device as you need to download bird packs for the app to function, however for any bird lover this app is a must!

If you love nature, have dogs, or have a family that needs entertaining, the use of these apps can be a great educational tool and provide you with alternate ways of keeping fit or being out in the great outdoors.

All three apps are completely free to get from the app store and are worth checking out!