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Graham’s Story: “I’m not scared of the computer anymore”

Pluss Positive People Positive People - Somerset 06 September 2021

Graham’s time on Positive People has been very focused and highlights how anyone can benefit from a bit of extra support, even if it’s just for a short time.

Graham signed up to work with Positive People at the end of April 2021, after a period of unemployment following a redundancy created by the COVID 19 pandemic.

He was looking for some specific guidance to help him secure his next role.

With a career history spanning a prop’s man in the film industry, engineering, labouring, working on the development on Heathrow’s Terminal 2 and roles at Hinkley Point C, Graham certainly had skills and experience to offer an employer, but there were certain areas of modern working that he needed a bit of help with, specifically his digital skills, which needed some refreshing.

In terms of digital, Graham had been supported by his wife over the years. When she sadly passed away from Cancer he realised that he needed to use computers yet had no idea how to use them properly.

“I tried a couple of courses, but I just couldn’t keep up with the work.”

Over the last three months with Positive People, Graham has been taking part in 1:1 training with Chloe from Cosmic over Zoom. In that time, they have been developing his confidence on a laptop to get him ready for employment. Whilst Graham has developed an understanding of his mobile phone, his laptop made him very nervous.

Topics they’ve worked on include:

  • Looking after his laptop and multi‐tasking
  • File management
  • Creating basic documents – word processing and spreadsheets
  • Using cloud-based services to work across devices.

Graham’s journey with learning digital has definitely not ended, he leaves Positive People with a newfound confidence to develop his new skills himself and to give something new a try.

Graham added, “I’m not scared of the computer anymore and feel confident about using them.”

“I would like to say that Laura who was my contact with Positive People listened to my issues and put me in touch with Chloe from Cosmic who was my tutor. She made the lessons fun but serious at the same time. I cannot put into words how much Chloe has helped me with using the computer, I looked forward to our lessons and feel so much more confident and not afraid anymore.”

If you feel you would benefit from brushing up on your digital skills to help you move forward into a new role or to apply for jobs contact us today – call 0800 334 5525.