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Sophie’s story: “I feel more self-confident and motivated”

Pluss Positive People Positive People - West Yorkshire 30 September 2021

Hopeful Families is a funded programme to help people who are not in work, to build their confidence, skills and give a sense of hope for the future. Sophie, is in her early twenties and lives in the Huddersfield area. She joined the Hopeful Families programme through the Yorkshire Children’s Centre in June 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, wanting some support with maths and English courses and help putting a CV together.



Sophie now lives in her own property, after living in a refuge for around eight months. She had a complex history that involved a violent, abusive and controlling relationship, which had an adverse impact on her mental health. Sophie had struggled to control her alcohol consumption, partly as a consequence of her personal relationships and partly because of some of the people she associated with. It becomes a vicious circle, which can be hard to stop. These life habits naturally had an impact on Sophie’s motivation and her ability to concentrate.

Much of Sophie’s work experience to date was working in bars. Due to a lack of qualifications, she struggled to find more rewarding employment. Sophie was unsure what career path she could take.


Knocking down barriers

Sophie’s domestic abuse support worker referred her to CHART Kirklees addiction support. They offer a range of support services to people affected by substance misuse. Initially Sophie would not engage with them, but with help from her Hopeful Families family mentor, Angela, Sophie felt confident enough to attend.

To enable Sophie to make progress, the Hopeful Families programme purchased a laptop. This meant Sophie could take part in online employability sessions, complete some of her maths and English studies. It was also used for searching for jobs and creating a really good CV, with input from her family mentor.

By December 2020, after attending CHART, Sophie stopped drinking and then also quit smoking the following month.

Sophie said: “I’m proud not to have had either since. I no longer see the old friends and I’ve made new friends on the maths and English course that I attended.

“I feel more self-confident, motivated and clear headed.”



Sophie has now completed her maths and English courses and in July started a retail apprenticeship with a large retail chain in Huddersfield. Today Sophie has considerably reduced her drinking, tending to have a small amount when going for meals out. Sophie feels positive about her future. Good luck Sophie, we know you can do it!