The first programme of its kind in Somerset.

‘Positive People’ will help over 2,079 individuals who are out of work to build their confidence and develop their skills.

The programme will be personally tailored to individual needs and will include help with personal development, health and wellbeing, and to develop life-skills including digital technology.

Supporting hundreds of people across Somerset

Partners began to deliver the £8 million programme (approx) in March 2017 and will deliver the project until June 2023. Pluss’ Chief Executive said “Positive People will support hundreds of people across Somerset to overcome a range of barriers and build a brighter future for themselves and their families”.

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Abri Employment Service (formerly Inspired to Achieve) offers impartial information, advice and guidance (IAG) to empower people to fulfil their potential. We are an ‘end to end’ provider with a proven history of supporting our customers into employment and training outcomes. . We are an ‘end to end’ provider with a proven history of supporting our customers into employment and training outcomes.

We provide a high quality, adaptable and bespoke service to people seeking work and progression through one to one interviews, training opportunities and group work activities.

Our job is to help our customers understand their chosen destination and then support them on their journey. We believe in ‘equality of opportunity’ not ‘equal opportunities’ so do all we can to assess and understand our customer’s needs so we are able to design solutions that are required and accessible. One size does not fit all.

Partnership working is a core element of all our work and valued highly. We work collaboratively across Somerset with a wide range of organisations e.g. housing associations, health services, training and education providers and the community and voluntary sector. We work to the mantra ‘complementing and not duplicating’.

Over the years we have developed strong relationships across the region with employers. Through the contracts we deliver we have access to the employer supply chain enabling us to secure opportunities in volunteering, work placements and apprenticeships.

We deliver a range of contracts across Somerset and are a Core Partner delivering the Positive People Big Lottery and European Social Funded project.

Based in Honiton, East Devon, Cosmic is a digital consultancy and social enterprise which specialises in IT training courses, business consultancy, website development and technical support. Cosmic deliver training and support to local businesses, schools, charities and to community groups in both rural and urban areas in Devon, Somerset, Dorset and Cornwall.

With Positive People, Cosmic provide the digital inclusion element of the project, delivering 1:1 training and support to anyone with a technical need – from turning on a computer for the first time through to Microsoft Office and building their own website.

Cosmic also run engagement sessions and gadget shows that demonstrate the practical and fun use of gizmos in the modern age, with easy to use gadgets such as Virtual Reality and Fitbits, encouraging those who are digitally excluded to give technology a try.



Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP) are committed to increasing the health and happiness of residents across all ages in Somerset through physical activity. We are an independent charity specialising in behaviour change around physical inactivity through workforce training, bespoke opportunities for key audiences with some of the greatest health inequalities and embedding a culture of moving more across all organisations.

Partnership working is an integral part of our culture. We work in collaboration with a large number of statutory and other charitable organisations to add value to their and our work by increasing the awareness of the amazing physical and mental health benefits of physical activity regardless of fitness levels or ability. We also aim to provide excellent social outcomes through individual and community development, connecting people to reduce social isolation and increasing economic impact through training.

Our work with Pluss is focused on those who are economically inactive and furthest from the labour market, targeting those who have struggled with mental health often through drug and / or alcohol addiction. We will be using sport and activity as a soft gateway into improving personal health and wellbeing and working towards volunteering, training (and for some employment) to take them closer to the labour market through supported and positive individual development. Individuals with lived experience from SASP will work to help break the stigma of addiction for others and provide the right environments to give them the best chance of living a more positive life.



Pluss is an award winning Social Enterprise that supports thousands of people with disabilities and other disadvantages move into employment each year.



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