Pluss Manufacturing

As a social enterprise, Pluss has two manufacturing facilities; one in Plymouth, the other in Barnstaple, North Devon.

Historically these facilities have manufactured high quality, luxury bed frames and components.

The Barnstaple site take sheet materials and produce all the pieces from a range of different wood materials. These are transported to Plymouth where they are assembled.

Looking Forward

Today, Pluss manufacturing has a workforce of around 30.

All wood manufacturing is carried out at the Barnstaple site; cutting and assembling a variety of products for various companies.

Plymouth has begun a new chapter and is currently looking for new business opportunities.

A new contract with a Plymouth manufacturer is now underway to produce automated under-vehicle greasing looms. This has released 320 sq metres floor space for new business development opportunities which comprises of 80 sq metres dedicated to textiles and 240 sq metres for engineering assembly.

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Pluss manufacturing is an inclusive employer with a skilled and adaptable workforce. Around 33% of our employees have a recognised disability.

Barnstaple site:

Pluss offers a full-service wood manufacturing operation, with CNC routing, edge banding and bespoke CNC services. From design, cut and assembly, to a very high standard.

With its own sawmill facility, the site turns raw timber into ready-to-use components for items such as bed frames, garden furniture and bespoke projects.

Plymouth site:

With over 30 years of manufacturing history, the operation at Burrington Business Park produces a range of high quality textile items such as mattress pads and protectors and embroidered garments for industry leading companies.

With a skilled and adaptable workforce, the Plymouth site has floorspace capacity to increase its production volume and is currently seeking a partner who is looking to outsource assembly operations.

Please contact us for more details.

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