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Pluss’ Wellness Event at the Carlton Hotel in Torbay

Pluss Positive People - Devon 27 July 2022
The team

Participant Chris has written a great piece all about his experience at our Wellness Event, he’s captured the day brilliantly!

“On Thursday 30th June, I was luckily enough to be invited to attend Pluss’s Wellness Event at the Carlton Hotel in Torbay.

“This locally based health, well-being and opportunities event was organised by Pluss stalwarts; (my current support and peer support coordinator) Kat from the ‘Mental Health Opportunities’ team and (my previous support) Holly from the Health and Wellbeing team.

“Both are amazing, kind, knowledgeable and empathetic people – and in my book together form ‘the dream team’.

“Together with Pluss’ own mental health opportunities service, the event was supported by the Restart Scheme in partnership with the Department of Work and Pensions, and ‘Positive People’ alongside other local services and providers including Eat That Frog, Healthy Lifestyles, and the Learning Exchange.

“Pluss Manager Katie opened proceedings with her warm welcome speech, leading the way with her many years of fitness and wellbeing experience followed a very beneficial and relaxing Chair Yoga session run by Holly.

“Unfortunately, due to Holly being unwell on the day, through the wonders of technology she delivered her yoga session via video link and it was just like having her in the room in person – such are the amazing benefits of modern technology these days!

“Later in the morning, the engaging and charismatic motivational speaker, Julie Thompson, gave a very insightful and powerful talk on ‘The Power of Positive Thought’.

“What was amazing about this presentation was that fact it also relied on a little bit of audience participation, with those comfortable in sharing their own personal struggles and importantly personal successes.

“Through these lived situations what was truly communicated to the group is that there is always hope and we are not alone in our various struggles.

Follow your heart

“During Julie’s inspiring talk, she harnessed her knowledge and experience of finding the path to joy and in lifting ourselves up, as she reminded us all that we are all wonderful and gifted people.

“She stated that transformation can be possible when at the bottom as there is only one way to go – up!  And it is about putting a positive slant on things and having that an awareness –“responding but not reacting”.

“Julie told us that “following your heart” is so powerful when we seek direction and clarity in these times. “Love is the greatest power’ she also reminded us all, which resonated with me intensely.

“After all the legendary band ‘The Beatles’ also agreed with this powerful sentiment many decades ago in the title and lyrics of their famous hit song “All You Need is Love”.

“A lovely buffet lunch was provided which gave us all a perfect respite to engage, chat and informally network in what were simply beautiful surroundings from the venue’s windows; with inviting and tranquil sea views of the English Rivera, which served as a perfect backdrop for such a perfect wellness event.

“During the event Chaos media were there to photograph and film. Both myself and fellow customer, Erin, eagerly agreed to be interviewed on camera, in which we discussed the importance and value of Pluss’ support in our own lives and how it has helped us and continues to do so.

“Mainly in thanks to the lovely team at Pluss and with their incredible wealth of knowledge in so many areas and the motivating, inspiring and encouraging staff who work across the board in Pluss. The ‘Mental Health Opportunities’ team, ‘Positive People’ and ‘The Work and Health programme’ to name but a few of the services that Pluss provide and of course much more besides.

“Seemingly saving the best till last was Kat’s session in which she utilised her warm, positive, and lovely energy alongside her vast mental health and welling knowledge to guide us through a calming Body Scan, which was so relaxing and amazing, serving as a perfect end and culmination of the day’s wellbeing event that she and Holly had so successfully organised and run.

“The Wellness event was simply incredible and so uplifting, engaging and above all inspiring. It really did feel like a family affair and all those either with or associated with Pluss were so nice and welcoming. All in all, it felt so empowering, inspiring, and it left me beaming with a sincere and clear feeling of hope – and in these uncertain times that is a Pluss!”

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