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Angela's story: getting my life back on track

Pluss Positive People - West Yorkshire 08 August 2022

Angela is in her late thirties and is a domestic abuse survivor. Angela is a strong woman, but anyone who has experienced domestic abuse over a prolonged period is statistically likely to develop serious and potentially long-term mental health conditions. Angela is no exception. This is her story.

When Angela joined the Pluss Hopeful Families programme, she was experiencing anxiety, depression and severe PTSD. She didn’t have to take her next steps alone. There was help and support available every step of the way, to help Angela reset, and get her life back on track.

Angela wanted help to tackle some of the challenges she was dealing with so she could begin to see a path ahead and feel more positive and confident about her future. Groundwork Yorkshire, a Pluss Hopeful Families partner, helped Angela to do exactly that.

The main challenges holding Angela back was her mental health, she also had money problems and being on benefits, she only had a small income. Angela wants to become independent, not reliant on benefits, and securing paid employment was her main goal.


My mentor Jill has been great – she’s been there with me throughout my time with Hopeful Families.


Angela was introduced to a senior family mentor called Jill at Groundwork Yorkshire. Jill sat down with Angela and went through her history. They looked at the things that were holding her back and what her aspirations were and together, they were able to put together a plan to address Angela’s barriers, which also included a series of goals along the way, that would give Angela a clear route ahead. This began to make a difference straightaway.


How were Hopeful Families able to help you?

“They were able to help me by providing a laptop. This meant I could now study online. Jill helped me sort out my finances and to access various energy grants, that really helped with my gas and electric costs. I was able to eventually clear off my debts and through Hopeful Families, I was given lots of information and guidance around what support and opportunities were out there for me.”


What difference has Hopeful Families made to your life?

“I’m now able to study, which is great and I’ve learnt how to set targets and goals for myself. Because my finances are sorted out, and I’m doing courses, I feel much more motivated and optimistic about my future and I’m also feeling a lot less stressed about life.”


Angela is keen to eventually work in some kind of nursing role, but she needs to sort out her English and maths qualifications first. Once she has these Angela feels like she will have a clear end goal in sight.

“As well as doing my courses, I’m looking to do some volunteering. I’ve learnt that the important thing is to keep looking ahead and making small steps forward. My mentor Jill has been great – very helpful and supportive. She’s been there with me throughout my time with Hopeful Families, giving me all sorts of relevant information and signposting me to local services. I can’t thank her enough.”

We are grateful for Angela agreeing to share her story. We hope it will inspire and give hope to others who may be in a similar situation to where Angela was before she joined us. Everyone at Hopeful Families wish Angela all the very best as she moves forward with her life. We know you’ll do it!



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It is jointly funded by National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund; the programme is designed to help individuals from the region’s most socially excluded families.

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