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Hopeful Families sparks a new career

Pluss Positive People - West Yorkshire 08 September 2022
Electric car charging

Richard was made redundant, from his job as Manager of a furniture store, during the Covid pandemic. It wasn’t his first job, he spent time in the Royal Navy and the oil industry, has experience in car sales and even had his own dealership in the past.

Being out of work didn’t come easy to him. He found it very strange and soon realised he needed to weigh up his options and look at his transferable skills as jobs in the sectors he had been used to were now few and far between.

Richard got in touch with Pluss’ Hopeful Families and, after discussing some of his options, decided that self-employment was the way forward.

Hopeful Families supported Richard in his bid to start a business fitting electric vehicle charging points to houses, including enrolling him on a course: “Funding was a major issue for me to be able to complete the course,” he says.

“When I got in touch with Hopeful Families they made it possible for me to pursue the career change I needed. I’d like to thank them, and my mentor, Jane. Without their help none of this would have been possible.”

Drive and motivation

Richard completed an online CSCS ( Construction Skills Certification Scheme) too, which means he can work on building sites too.

“Hopeful Families made it possible for me to get back to work and off benefits.

“I now have the qualifications I need to go self-employed and I have the prospects to do well. I had the knowledge, drive and motivation – I just needed the relevant courses, and Hopeful Families provided the opportunity for me to do this.”

We wish Richard the best of luck as he moves forward into his new role as an EV Charging Installer for both the commercial and residential sector.

You could say his time with Hopeful Families has been…. electrifying!  (I’ll get my coat! Editor 😉)



If you live in the Calderdale, Kirklees or Wakefield areas and are interested in finding out how the Hopeful Families programme can help you, call us on 07341 004 949 for a friendly, confidential chat, or email


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