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Lift Up! A personal endorsement

Positive People - Somerset 26 September 2022

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I was first told about Lift Up! with Julie Thompson in one of the first meetings I had with Tom, my Change Coach at Pluss’ Positive People Somerset.

When he told me that a group of people would be attending, anxiety hit me hard and I said ‘no’ to going.

However, Tom referred me to Julie in a 1-2-1 session and she changed my whole outlook on it.

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Hayley's Testimony

It's always lovely when we hear back from participants about the help and support we've offered. This testimonial was sent to us from Hayley, a Pluss' Positive People Somerset participant, following her work with Pluss Inspirational Speaker, Julie Thompson.


“Entered as strangers, left as friends”

Start quotesLift Up! is everything the name states, that’s exactly what Julie does; lifts you up and makes you feel so much better than you did before and continues to help you with the knowledge and wisdom that she gives you.

With her reassurance and encouragement, I finally said ‘yes’ to going!

In the days leading up to attending, my anxiety was all-consuming! Being sat in a room full of people I didn’t know, and having to participate was almost crippling for me, but I pushed through it and I went!

Pluss Positive People Inspirational Speaker; Julie thomsponI am so incredibly grateful that I did. I sat there with restless legs, sweaty palms and my heart beating 20 to the dozen, I was so anxious! Within 15 minutes of Julie engaging us all, and telling us what Lift Up! is all about, my legs calmed down, my hands stopped sweating and my heart stopped racing.

I was able to talk to the other people who were feeling the same as me. We all ended up being a great support for each other. We were all able to talk about our own experiences in a really safe place. We entered as strangers but felt like we left as friends.

We all left the session on Cloud-9! I felt joyful, hopeful and happier than I had been in what felt like forever! I didn’t want it to end, so we met with family and friends and lifted them up too – I paid it forward, it felt amazing, and I even had a joke and a laugh with a random stranger, which I absolutely would never have done before that day!

“Every fibre of my being”

I was later told about a second Lift Up! session and I wasn’t hit as hard by anxiety this time, even though I knew there would be different people attending.

I knew what to expect and, as Julie was running it, I knew it would be just as great as the first time so there was nothing for me to worry about – so anxiety didn’t cripple me.

I was actually excited to go!

We met some new, lovely people and Julie was as amazing as always. Julie speaks openly from her heart and she truly wants the best for everyone. I feel honoured to have been given the opportunity to attend Lift Up! to speak to, and get to know Julie in the capacity I have.

When I say Julie is an inspiration, I mean it with every fibre of my being. She makes you feel like you belong. Like you’re never too much trouble for her. She wipes the floor with any anxiety you might be feeling.

Not only that, she gives you strength and confidence. Her wisdom makes you feel like you can achieve anything – and she’s absolutely right, because every single person deserves to feel confident, to believe in themselves – because we are the only ones holding ourselves back.

Julie gives you the tools to help you see that for yourself.

“So Julie, from my whole heart, THANK YOU!”


Thank YOU, Hayley – for sharing!

Julie Thompson

I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to attend a Lift Up! session and push through all of those negative feelings because I can promise you, you will not regret it!

Hayley Pluss Positive People Somerset Participant

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