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Mark tells his Positive People story to the BBC

Audio Positive People - Somerset 26 August 2022
Mark;s story

Regular visitors to the Pluss website may remember a video story from earlier this year, featuring Mark who lost his business during the Covid pandemic.

His mental health spiralled as he experienced, agoraphobia, depression and anxiety. But then he discovered Pluss’ Positive People in Somerset and his life began to find direction again.

BBC Presenter Claire Carter

If you’ve not seen that video, there’s a link at the bottom of this page.

Mark sent us an email this week to let us know he’d been talking about his journey once again, this time with BBC local radio.

In his email to us he writes: “Thank you so much for getting me where I am today.”

He was excited to tell us that he’d been asked to chat to Claire Carter on her Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Somerset, to share his story and let everyone know how the Positive People Somerset team helped him get his life back on track.

You can listen to Mark’s interview by clicking on this audio link:

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