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Meet Tom from Pluss' Positive People Somerset

Positive People - Somerset Video 07 October 2022
Tom from Positive People Somerset

In another of our occasional series, introducing you to some of the Pluss team, we’ve been to meet Tom.

Tom is a Change Coach with Positive People in Somerset, covering Frome and The Mendips. We joined him at the Town Hall, where he is based a couple of times a week, and asked him to choose a few random questions.

Who knew? If his career had taken another direction, we might have been interviewing a pop star rather than a Pluss Coach!

Entertainment’s loss is Health and Wellbeing’s gain! 🎺🎺

Watch the video to find out more about Tom’s job, and why he wouldn’t want to be a frog…. ! 🐸

Meet Tom from Positive People Somerset

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