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Engage Somerset: The Glastonbury Legacy

Engage Somerset Video 22 September 2022
Engage Somerset

The Engage Somerset health and wellbeing project delivered by Pluss, that was announced in January as a six-month programme, is edging closer to the end of its contract.

Having been granted a further short extension, the project will now formally finish in October 2022.

So what happens to the people who’ve enjoyed the support of the Engage Somerset team of coaches (in Highbridge, Chard and Glastonbury) once the doors are closed?

The good news is that many of them have now been empowered to continue some of the events and activities under their own steam, as we found out when we joined Glastonbury Community Coach, Charlotte, at an exhibition of artwork by a group of Engage Somerset participants.

Our Pluss Positive People team in Somerset are also picking up the baton to offer support, so we can be sure that when Engage Somerset ends, no one gets left behind.

The Engage Somerset team have started the ball rolling, the participants have been empowered, and so now it’s a time for new beginnings.

It’s a fantastic legacy and at this photography exhibition and unofficial ‘handover’ event, many of the people present wanted to thank Charlotte for her support and guidance throughout the past few months.




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Engage Somerset is available to residents who are not in employment and live in one of three Somerset towns: Glastonbury, Highbridge or Chard. The scheme is funded by the UK Government’s Community Renewal Fund (CRF) and is administered by Somerset County Council.

** When Charlotte’s time at Engage Somerset comes to an end, she will be taking up a position with out Pluss Positive People Somerset team.