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Felix’s story: My experience has been absolutely amazing!

Learning Disability Services Pluss Dorset Video 14 March 2023

This is a story about a young man, aged 19, called Felix. He lives in Dorset, near to Blandford. He has a diagnosis of Autism. What this means for Felix, is that he can find it difficult to understand and process verbal instructions. He also finds maths difficult as well as understanding the value of money. Felix learns best through visual learning and experience.

Felix desperately wanted to work in a dairy farm environment. However, due to his learning difficulties, he felt this was unachievable.

Sam, who works for Pluss and is part of the Dorset Supported Employment Services team, rose to the challenge, and got to work. She was determined to help Felix, and set about finding a local employer who would be happy to give Felix a chance.

Sam contacted farms in the local area, and Meggy Moo’s was keen to meet Felix.

Watch the video below to see how Felix got on, how Sam supported him and how Rachael, Meggy Moo’s owner and the team made Felix feel welcome.


Meggy Moo’s

A family run dairy farm, nestled in the heart of the Dorset countryside. Meggy Moo’s have a herd of around 180 Holstein cows, and produce high quality milk, with farming practices that put their cows first. Check out this fab article about Meggy Moo’s and the robots they have, where the cows milk themselves – here.


Dorset Supported Employment Service

The Dorset Supported Employment Service is delivered by Pluss, on behalf of Dorset Council. The service provides employment support to adults with care and support needs. This is not just those with learning and physical disabilities, but also those who experience serious mental health conditions too.


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To find out more or to speak to someone about this service email or call 0800 334 5525 or why not visit our contact page.


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