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Engage Somerset - The Final Chapter

Engage Somerset Pluss Video 28 October 2022
The Engage Somerset Team

After nine months of offering support to the people of Highbridge, Chard and Glastonbury, the Pluss’ Engage Somerset project has now come to an end.

In its brief history, Engage Somerset has managed to leave an impressive legacy. Among the achievements, the project has supported over 440 people to take a step closer to achieving their goals, 20 of those people have already secured employment.

Over 50 people regularly attended wellbeing walking groups led by peers. Six have trained as peer support mentors and 59 have attended Digital College where, so far, 10 have gained a Level 1 qualification.

And whilst Engage Somerset has now supported its final participant, several groups have sprung up because of the project and will continue under the leadership of participants who have decided to carry on the good work.

Project Manager Lisa, Community Coaches; Charlotte, Josh, Claire and Julie, and all the partners involved over the past nine months wish all our participants the very best in the future. You can read their ‘parting thoughts’ HERE.

On this page you can take a look back at some of the fun and achievements, browse the photo gallery, and check out some of the stories you may have missed.

Glastonbury team 440+

Participants supported across three towns

Computer 59

People signed up to Digital College

Engage Somerset team with FitBits 90

Digital devices supplied to participants

My mental health and physical health was in the gutter, I felt rubbish about myself and my body. Having the opportunity to take part in the Engage Somerset project has helped me massively in so many ways and I will forever be grateful.

Engage Somerset Participant

A look back...

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Meet Charlotte

An introduction to Charlotte one of the Engage Somerset coaches

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Meet Julie

Find out more about Julie who supported the people of Chard

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Claire and Josh

Say hello to Claire and Josh in a whistle-stop tour of Highbridge

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The team

Some of the people who made Engage Somerset happen

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At school

In Highbridge, Engage Somerset struck up a fantastic partnership with Churchfield school

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Moving on

In Glastonbury, several new groups have been formed because of Engage Somerset

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Chard chat

Two Engage Somerset participants reflect on their time spent with Julie in Chard

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A legacy
Abbey musings

Engage Somerset has had an effect on a lot of people's life. We meet some of those people

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Engage Somerset participant Kerry-Ann explains how her life has changed since being supported by Claire

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Looking back

Josh, Claire and four Engage Somerset participants look back at their time with the project

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Out & About
Fresh Air

A gentle walk can do the world of good - plus you get to make new friends along the way

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In the beginning
The start

How Engage Somerset began and what it aimed to achieve

The team at Pluss’ Engage Somerset would like to thank everyone who has made the project possible.

From the hundreds of people in Chard, Highbridge and Glastonbury that we’ve had the pleasure of supporting, to all the partners who’ve helped us deliver that support; we want to say a great big thank you.

There is so much for us all to be proud of. It has been an honour to serve our local community and to see the positive impact we’ve been able to make. Thank you all. 😊



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